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Shantel Williams established Famous Me in June 2015, driven by the recognition of her community’s growing desire for natural products. Responding to this demand, Shantel created Famous Me to offer a range of products that embody a natural and classy aesthetic.

Famous Me Accessorize is the e-commerce platform for Famous Me branded items, including FM Vegan Mink Eyelashes, FM Headbands, FM Handbags, and FM Sandals.

The brand distinguishes itself by promoting the idea of embracing natural beauty while maintaining a sophisticated and classy appearance, a unique quality often missing in other brands

Money Maker Vegan Mink Eyelashes

Perfectly aligned for precision and ease

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Eco-Friendly & Natural Ingredients

Cruelty Free

Our products products are created without causing harm to animals

Style - Mink

This is the most common active ingredient

100% Vegan

Our products contains no ingredients derived from animals.

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Famousme Values

Three fundamental values

Respect, resilience, and risk, which we take extremely seriously.

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