Welcome To Famousme Accessorize

Established by Shantel Williams in June 2015, Famousme has evolved into an umbrella company encompassing Famousmeaccessorize and FamousmeLTD. At Famousme, we believe in making fame accessible to individuals. Our unique range of products is designed to empower anyone to experience their own version of fame within reach or means that are reasonable to them

Who We Are

While the Famous Me concept proves to be profitable, we recognize that longevity comes from breaking barriers. At Famous Me, we are guided by a mission and vision, along with specific aims and objectives for our products and services that we are committed to achieving. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we have fortified our goals by contributing 50p to Plastic Free Hackney for every pair of eyelashes sold.

Social responsibility holds significant importance for Famous Me, especially in the face of global warming and climate change impacting our planet. To address these concerns, we have decided to allocate 6% of our revenue towards initiatives aimed at supporting positive environmental changes.

Famousme Eyelashes Ingredients

Utilizing natural resources, Vitamin B, and botanical extracts, Biotin stands out as the most prevalent active ingredient.

How We Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is experiencing rapid growth, and the contemporary trend sees an increasing demand for online products. In the context of market size, a significant gap exists among competitors’ websites, lacking graphic richness, diversity, and inclusivity. The primary objective for Famous Me in leveraging AI is to ensure global accessibility through the internet, aiming for a seamless and inclusive online presence.

Meet the team

Shantel Williams
Founder / CEO

Vinner Angless
Marketing Officer

Famousme Values

Three fundamental values

Famous Me holds the belief that plastic pollution has the potential to disrupt habitats and natural processes, diminishing ecosystems’ capacity to adapt to climate change. This, in turn, directly impacts the livelihoods, food production capabilities, and social well-being of millions of people.

In alignment with our commitment to combating plastic pollution, Famous Me will contribute 50p to Plastic Free Hackney for every pair of eyelashes sold.